In 2003, when I started my QuickBooks consulting business,
if you had asked me then if QuickBooks Online would revolutionize my business,
I would have laughed and said no way.  (QBO was first introduced to the market in December, 2000) 

Fast forward years and now the majority of my customers are embracing QuickBooks Online and the virtual business model.
Why is that?

  1. Anywhere, anytime access.  QBO is easily accessed from the PC or the Mac and from just about any browser (although QBO is optimized to work best with Chrome.)

  2. Easy collaboration.  As business owners we all know what we should work on our business rather than in it, but …..

QBO allows for easy collaboration.  Many firms partially or fully outsource their bookkeeping to my firm.  We can help them virtually, almost as good as if we were in the office.

The business owner does not have to share access to the computer when they are trying to work (or play games.)


  1. Bookkeeping staff.  No need to increase the business’ headcount to hire an on-staff bookkeeper.  You get high level skills and knowledge at your fingertips.


  2. Intuit Online Payroll has direct sync capabilities to QBO.  Not surprisingly, it is completely seamless to transfer payroll information from Intuit Online Payroll to QBO.


  3. 3rd Party Apps.  More and more 3rd party apps are now connecting with QBO.  In addition, Intuit has more fully opened the developer platform so I expect many more apps to connect in the future.


  4. QBO does not have to be downloaded or backed up.  QBO is already fully functional when you sign up for the service.  New features are automatically “pushed” in the software as they come available.


  5. QuickBooks Mac or Desktop data files can be converted to be used with QBO.

    8.QBO users can invite multiple other staff or accounting professionals to help manage their bookkeeping.  The business owner, an accountant/bookkeeper and a tax professional could all access the same data.

9. Security.  Passwords must be used to gain access to the data.  Data is transmitted over the internet encrypted using 128-bit encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. 

10.Tablet app.  QBO has a pretty sophisticated tablet app so the product can be used in the field or coffee shop and at the beach or on a cruise.) 

 11. Intuit Go Payment/Square Device – Plug into your tablet or phone allow for the swiping of credit cards when you are out of the office. 

12.Have a Costco Executive membership?  QBO Essentials and Plus can be cheaper if purchased from Costco.  QBO Simple Start will need to be purchased from Intuit directly.

13. There are currently over 2 million global business owners using QBO.  Intuit has seen exponential growth in the adoption of QBO. 

14. Inventory.  Recently, QBO has added inventory functionality, including FIFO and Average Cost tracking.

15.We speak CPA.  We can work with your CPA for year-end tax preparation.  Need a referral to a tax preparation professional?  Let me know.