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SpringAhead is offered as a 3rd -party add-on to QuickBooks Desktop.  SpringAhead is working furiously to change the software code so the product (along with Tallie) can sync to the new QuickBooks Online “Harmony” version.  Last word is they expect the code changes finalized in June 2014.

This web-based software gives anywhere, anytime access to your time and expense software and seamlessly connects to your full functioning desktop QuickBooks software.

SpringAhead will make your teams more productive and efficient by improving communication and information flow, with the easiest time tracking, billing and expense report solution.

Paper and Excel time tracking getting you down?  Rise above with SpringAhead and get all the time saving tools your team needs in a clean, stylish package.

Is DCAA compliance a challenge for your business?  Spring Ahead can meet all the requirements without making accounting your second business.  Secure user logon and daily reminders ensure accurage, timely entry by the persons doing the work.  Complete audit trails and notes fields for all late or changed time provide the document that auditors are looking for.

Need multiple approvals in your process?  Gain total control over the approval process.  Flexible routing controls keep your approvers in the loop, while automating email reminders save you time.  Straight-forward expense policy controls and clear review screens ensure accuracy.

Replace inter office mail, inboxes and file cabinets with a smooth online flow.  Fax or upload documents.  Never lose a timesheet or expense report again.  Improve your environmental credentials.  Integrate with SmartVault.

SpringAhead connects securely to nearly all US credit and bank card providers that feature internet banking, saving your team hours of tedious data entry.  Upload credit and bank transactions from a file.  Download credit and bank card transactions directly from your provider.  Built-in security features prevent transactions from being downloaded 2x.

Need project tracking?  Easily track revenues, labor costs and expenses by project.  Easily manage department activity and class tracking.  Run the numbers in real time.

Get a grip on your reporting.  Smart data access ensures that each individual only sees the data they’re supposed to see.  Gain business clarity at a glance.  Easily replaces spreadsheets and manual data entry.

SpringAhead takes care of data security so you don’t have to.  Your data is stored in the highest grade data center (Tier-4), automatic data backup.  Sas70 Type II certified.