Manage all your client company files. Share automatically.

Do you need more than one person to have access to a QuickBooks file but never at the same time? Are you passing QuickBooks files back and forth through Dropbox or another file sharing service? Qbox is the system built for multi person access, one person at a time. In addition, Qbox allows users to stop passing the QuickBooks file back and forth and reduces the chance of a corrupt file.

Qbox acts like a traffic cop, keeping track of who is in the copy of the QuickBooks file and actively posting. It warns other users who have their own copy of the data that, while they can access their QuickBooks data and print reports or look up things, they cannot post anything new because when the person who is posting logs out, everyone gets an overwritten fresh copy. Everyone who accesses the QuickBooks file keeps in sync.

Think of the QuickBooks file residing in a remote location. When you want to use the file, you “check it out.” When you are finished, you exit out of QuickBooks as normal and the file syncs to the remote location for someone else to use.

Qbox is super reasonably priced for the QuickBooks file owner and every other user it is shared with is free. Great for firms who work remotely and need multiple people to access the file. No more passing files back and forth. I LOVE IT. It is simple and just works.

My other favorite part? Qbox can lock EXCEL and WORD documents, too! Think of the possibilities. Take turns with the budget and quit worrying about duplicate copies attached to Emails.

Click on the Qbox logo to be taken to their site for more information. Call me to see a Qbox demo in action. Qbox will greatly simplify your QB file sharing needs.