Fields Bookkeeping Services

    Fields Bookkeeping Services is a QuickBooks consulting and virtual outsourced bookkeeping firm
    that helps businesses make sense of their financial data
    so they can make informed business decisions that drive business growth.

    By strategically integrating QuickBooks with best-in-class business tools in a convenient Cloud environment,
    Fields Bookkeeping delivers a fresh financial perspective and an ordered,
    “anytime, anywhere” approach to bookkeeping and daily financial operations.

     The result is a more agile organization that can take advantage of new opportunities
      and business owners who have the bandwidth to take their business to the next level.

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     As Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors, we understand the needs of the small and medium sized             business.

      In addition to full-charge bookkeeping services, Fields Bookkeeping Services also offers                           QuickBooks consulting and training along with set up and clean up services.

      Recreation of historical data is offered to businesses that might need to create a new QuickBooks        file for tax or management reporting.    

Don’t be tied to your office or desk.  We also offer cloud services to reduce your current risk and expenses.  Cloud hosting and computing will give you the efficiencies to perform your day to day functions from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Contact us today to learn more about a customized solution available with Fields Bookkeeping Services.