A Single, Integrated Solution for Document Management and Secure File Sharing

For today’s fast-moving business environment, the easier the better when it comes to technology. Solutions should complement your workflow, not dictate it, so you can work the way YOU work.

Your needs are simple. You need to upload your files, store them online for “always on” access, and securely share them. You don’t need to implement multiple technology solutions, nor an expensive suite of products – you need SmartVault.

SmartVault provides the easiest way for accounting professionals and businesses to store, access, and share documents. From built-in wizards that interface with your scanner, to client portals for secure sharing, to integration with popular business applications like QuickBooks® — you can streamline how you work and communicate with your clients, accountants and business service providers.


Secure online document storage

Create and organize folders based on your business needs, map existing folders or Windows drives directly to SmartVault, and enjoy peace of mind with offsite backup and recovery of your documents.

Easy file access and sharing

Access and share documents securely any time and from anywhere via the Web portal. Easy ‘Get Link’ feature allows you to send files via email securely. Simple invitation model allows you to share files with one person or multiple people.

SmartVault w QBSeamless integration with QuickBooks

Attach to and view documents directly from QuickBooks entries using the integrated SmartVault Toolbar. With SmartVault, you can also backup and share your QuickBooks company file.  SmartVault also works with QuickBooks Online.

Enhanced workflow and collaboration

Everyone is looking for a productivity boost. The ability to access files securely any time and from anywhere, plus easy file sharing and collaboration features help your business gain efficiencies.

Mobile Access

Smart Vault MobileUpload, view and share files on-the-go from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or other Web-enabled mobile device.

With SmartVault, your files are stored securely online, plus gives you the flexibility to access those files from a Web browser, your mapped SmartVault Drive, your Web-enabled mobile device, or directly from popular applications like QuickBooks. SmartVault truly changes the way you interact with documents – and lets you work the way YOU work.

Tallie Integration

Tallie intelligently scans, categorizes, and matches receipt and credit card data, automatically generates expense reports, and syncs expense data directly to QuickBooks for seamless reporting and processing of expenses. Tallie not only streamlines data collection, its suite of policy compliance and internal control tools help ensure that the right data is gathered and sorted in an audit-friendly manner.

As you upload your expense receipts to Tallie, they are also “saved” to your SmartVault application.

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